A Simple Guide to Carpet Maintenance
Routine Care
• Vacuuming removes dirt that dulls appearance
• Select a vacuum with good suction and strong beater bars, which brush the carpet and loosen dirt
• Change vacuum bags and filters regularly

Long-term Care
• Treat your carpet well, and it will provide you with years of comfort and beauty
• Here are some strategies for minimizing the rough and tumble wear and tear of every day living

Spot Treatment
• Clean up spills promptly
• Take aim at stains with our comprehensive Stain Removal Guide

Professional Cleaning
• Get your carpets professionally cleaned at least every 12 months, even if you clean them yourself in between
• Lighter shade carpet may require cleaning more often
• Professional cleaning methods include steam cleaning (known as hot water extraction), absorbent pad or bonnet cleaning, rotary shampoo, and dry foam powder

Spills happen.
Stains don't have to. Follow these general guidelines to prevent carpet blemishes whenever you have a mishap.

Basic Cleaning Steps For All Food and Beverage Spills

• Scoop up as much of the spill as possible, with a towel or a spoon.
• Blot the spot, don't rub or scrub. Gently press clean cloths into the stained area to remove moisture. Scrubbing can damage the fiber and set the stain into the carpet.
• Apply warm, not hot, water to the stained area and blot until the stain stops transferring to the cloth.

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